Parents Café in 4S Ranch

Your kids are safe, secure and having the time of their lives. Now it’s your turn. Our KV Café allows you – the parent – the luxury of YOU time with your child just steps away. Catch up with a friend, enjoy an interruption-free workspace, or simply relax with a latte and a snack.

Our award-winning kid- & parent-friendly café makes for the perfect parent play date!


Whether you’re looking for a little hydration, or a full blown caffeine kick—the Kid Ventures café has everything you need to refuel:

Organic specialty coffees

Rich smoothies

Refreshing teas

Juices & healthy drink choices for little hands and mouths

And much more!


Kid Ventures café offers a variety of foods and beverages to help you stay energized:

Energy replenishing drinks

Invigorating snacks

Keep your mind sharp and your body charged at the KV Café!


Kid Ventures café offers healthy meals that are also high in flavor:

Healthy salads & sandwiches

All natural snacks

Delivered daily from local artisan bakeries

We strive to provide fresh options of the highest quality for a great value, while also supporting local small businesses.


Parenting is more than a full time job and a little indulgence is the sweet reward you deserve. At the KV Café, you can treat your taste buds to:

Fresh made pastries

Rich and decadent beverages

Made to order

Enjoy this delicious supply of guilty pleasures, and more at the KV Café!

Kid Ventures has a “No Outside Food” policy for 3 very important reasons:

1) Cleanliness: In order to provide the cleanest environment for you and your family, we need to know what is in our facility at all times. This ensures we can keep Kid Ventures clean and minimize outside germs from coming in.

2) Safety: By knowing what consumable items are in our facility at all times, we can minimize risks to those families that have severe food allergies. While we do carry some nut-based products, we do not sell peanut-based items and constantly evaluate our product offerings to accommodate families with food allergies.

3) Prosperity: The KV Cafe is part of our business and the revenue generated allows us to have a clean, safe and beautiful facility. It also affords us the ability to hire the very best for you and your family. We purchase many of our products from local small businesses so by purchasing items from the KV Cafe, you are also supporting the local small business community.

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