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For our children, birthdays are pure magic.  An entire day of extra attention, presents, and who could can forget the birthday cake and ice cream?  We’ve gotten to be a part of hundreds of San Diego birthday parties here at Kid Ventures and seeing the birthday kid’s eyes light up when they see their favorite superhero or princess walk through the door  melts our heart every time.

Themed parties featuring your child’s favorite character come to life encourage their imaginations while making their birthday wishes a reality.   Bringing your child’s hero to their birthday party is guaranteed to be one of their favorite gifts ever.  It’s a gift that keeps giving, through the frameable photo memories and stories that are forever told and retold.

Here are just a few of our favorite themed parties to inspire your next birthday bash.

Captain America


This hero embodies bravery, courage, and kindness, character traits all parents want their children to have.  A themed party with Captain America  includes great photo ops (of course) and fun and games with the superhero himself.  Beloved by girls and boys a like, Captain America makes this  themed party a dream come true.

Frozen Fun

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Does the birthday child secretly wish they lived in Allendale with Elsa and Anna?  Make that dream a reality for a day by bringing our favorite princess sisters to the best birthday party your child has ever had.  Princess Anna loves telling stories of her magical adventures while Princess Elsa will be the life of the party with sing-a-longs and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

Mario Brothers



A themed character party isn’t limited to just princesses and superheroes, you can bring in your child’s favorite video game and movie characters too!  WIth Mario and Luigi at your party, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Let your child’s imagination soar while making their birthday wishes all come true. Our party planners take care of all the details so you don’t have to–get in touch: .