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New Year’s Resolutions are famous for being unrealistic and quickly broken.

Kid Ventures Blog -- New Year ResolutionsThe gym regimen lasts two weeks and your new cookbooks are gathering dust.  Books are left unread and that next bestseller still hasn’t come into being.

Making Resolutions that Work

We’re sick of stubbing our toes on dust-gather dumbbells.  That’s why we love this idea from fellow mom and blogger, Susan of  Instead of impossible-to-reach resolutions, she made this handy goal sheet.  You can download a printable copy here!

These are goals that can be worked towards all year long.  Post them somewhere where your kids can see them every day, like on the door or the fridge.

Kid Ventures New Year ResolutionsAnother way to motivate your kids (and yourself!) to grow and challenge themselves in 2015 is to provide an incentive for reaching goals.  Does your kid love to paint sunsets or build mansions?  A new coloring book or LEGO ®set could encourage making healthy changes and exploring a favorite hobby.

If you’re looking for some starter ideas for your kids, here are some funny suggestions from Not Your Average Mom.

Kids’ Resolution Ideas

1. I will eat the crust of my bread, the green stuff in my pasta sauce, and the black things that are occasionally on the outside of my chicken. Without comment.

2. I will only squirt toothpaste on my toothbrush.

3. I will hang my coat on the hook rather than placing it on the table that is located exactly 1.3 feet from the hook.

4. I will stop licking things that are not meant to be licked.

5. I will not wait until 9 pm the night before a project is due to tell Mom I need poster board.

What are some resolutions you would like your kids to make this year?  Better yet, share some they’ve already made!