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Kid Ventures BlogWe love hearing from our Kid Venture families. Hearing about your love, laughter, and growth keeps us going everyday and excited to keep developing new ways to help families learn and grow together (like Ready Set Grow–our new preschool-age enrichment class!)

Here’s a wonderful letter from Maria Lomeli, mom to Mateo, wife, author, and forever KV friend:

Dear Kid Ventures,

You have raised the bar for Mateo’s teachers. He has been coming almost weekly to Kid Ventures since he was 1 1/2. He’s now 4.

Thanks to you, he now expects all adults to teach him new and interesting things, AND show patience and kindness. I still remember when Rosana (KV Eastlake) saw him snap his “lovey” (security blanky) at a child that was running by him. He still used a pacifier, but it almost fell out of his mouth when Rosana approached and said in a warm yet authoritative voice, “No, no, my love. We don’t do that at Kid Ventures.” She picked him up and smiled as I gently took the soft little lovey away from him. Then, she squeezed him, put him down, and encouraged him to join a fun activity with other kids.

This was only one example. I have seen a few kids that had ADHD participate in short musical activities and do so successfully. The children with disabilities will always find at least a few ways to enjoy themselves and learn new things at Kid Ventures. It warms my heart to see that every child is treated so fairly at Kid Ventures.

Mateo has learned about science and cooking and so much more. The KV lessons helped him transition into preschool much more easily.

Your KV friend forever,
Marta Lomeli

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